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October 29, 2013



This film is a Muay Thai martial arts film starring Tony Jaa, Yanin Vismitananda and Marrese Crump. This film has been directed by Prachya Pinkaew. This movie is a sequel movie to Tom Yum Goong in 2005.

It is also known as The Protector 2 in the USA and Warrior King 2 in the United Kingdom. This film has been October 23, 2013 and officially released in Malaysia on October 24, 2013.

Director:  Prachya Pinkaew
Stars: Tony Jaa, Yanin Vismitananda and Marrese Crump
Genre: Action
Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes


This film is about Kham (Tony Jaa) who gets back to his hometown from Sydney (from previous sequel). He had promised to his late father to take care of their last heir of the King's Elephant, Khong.

The elephant has been stolen and Kham needs to fight to get his elephant back!


I have to say that I might like Tom Yum Goong better than this latest sequel movie. This movie was OKAY but not as good as the first movie.

The actions and stunts were good. But, those actions were not really impressive as in the previous movie.

The cinematography was OKAY.

The CGI and camera effect was not really good but it was OKAY.



HaemesMovies: 1.5 OVER 5!

IMDb: 7.4 OVER 10!


  1. Im getting really tired of waiting for this movie, from the long awaited release and now that its finally released its taking FOREVER to be available, living in the western side of world really sucks. The wait is killing the interest in this movie, and im going to endup forgetting about it when the interest is gone. I understand it takes time especially when you live in the stupid western world with its delayed releases and non interest in eastern Asian movies to bring into the market. Overall im sure this movies good but im going to either forget about it or completely lose interest in its super long availability.

    1. Maybe because there are too many films in your country, and that makes the distributors at your region have to release it really late. They, perhaps, need to find a suitable date and wait for their turn to screen the movie.

  2. In my country it'll most likely show up direct to DVD, it wont play at the theatre although I wish it would for that experience also lol. I just checked online to see if it was available even to stream online and still nothing.

  3. This movie is definitely worth the pirate. I would usually buy it when its released to match up also with my original copy of Tom yum goong 1, but Sahamongkol doesn't deserve my money for this long wait and long time of availability. Neither does Hollywood because it'll be distributed by them and this should teach them to make deals for foreign movies for us here in the stupid west in the future. Sahamongkol and Hollywood don't deserve my money for this movie, as I said I will be pirating this and not giving them the satisfaction, they can both fuck off.